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Project Description
A graphical drag-drop tool to make AutoCAD files from user input

This a drag-drop tool for making AutoCAD files from user inputted values.

The basic idea is to have five or six User Controls. Each of these controls can be "connected" in different ways to each other. The inputted data will "flow" through the controls based on the connection made. At each control, the data will be processed based on the control's properties and functions.

The final data will be used to generate an AutoCAD file.

Others features:
1. The controls in the VB ToolStrip control shall be dragged and dropped in to the form design area any number of times
2. Every time a control is added to the design area, an object of its type is instantiated
3. The object properties shall be edited in the VB PropertyGrid Control
4. Objects shall allow multiple select. So that common properties can be edited

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